Also, about self organization. Recent disc…

Also, about self organization.

Recent discovery- a new information storage and retrieval devise- portable, flexible, cheap! Its paper!

I decided to finish up my notebooks. I had this silly habit of keeping them until half fill and then getting caught up in worrying about fill them up. Would then I have to transfer everything over to the old one? I have some from Europe with this heavy, grid-lined A4 paper that I love. I’ve used it since my comprehensive PhD exams. Now I will fill it out and then get a new one as needed.

I have been under posting on blog because I was worried about exposing ideas too early and risking them being “stolen.” I was also worried about them seeming too rough and reflecting poorly on my academic reputation (not much of one really, so why the worry?). Well, the solution is so gob-smackingly obvious. I will just keep a word file journal and cut and paste selectively onto the blog. Worth a try.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think you’re being a little overly paranoid about people ripping off your ideas. Imitation is the highest form for flattery, or some such saying. Cotton

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