Through the big push

Well, well, well… I pushed through the big push and ended up with a better product. The beast still has a monstrously too long introduction that is like the bastard offspring of a book proposal for an unpublishable book on organizational learning as meta-theory and a dissertation proposal I never wrote.

Sandra and Rafael, my intrepid advisors, told me they were working on bringing in a network expert. There is a professor at IESE, Fabrizio Ferraro, who came in after I was no longer in resident. I read an AMR article he did with Pfeffer. He does organization theory and networks, so that would seem like a great match. Meanwhile, I played catch up on classes and grading and also family time.

Now I am on the cusp of next stage of life as a scholar. I have many goals and half-cooked aspirations. Some new, some leftovers from the last ten years of professional meander. The sense of having passed through a stage has brought this jumble of ideas back. I am excited by new possibilities even as I remind myself to try and build profitably from all that I cooked up in dissertation. And, that particular pie is still in the over, so to speak.

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