First Day Down, 42/14 to go

Back in the saddle for “Six Degrees of Separation” and first time for “Organization Theory.”

Egads, OT is an awful name for a course. Especially since I want to focus on org stories, org data, validating theory. At the least, we should call it org theorizing (genuflect to Karl Weick).

Six Degrees seemed great. Amazing how the second time through makes all seem easier. They read an essay from Chronicle of Higher Education by Jeffrey Nesteruk that links up social capital and liberal education. Just making sure the (clients) students get to appreciate what they are in for.

In OT we had three hours, so lots of icebreakers, a simulation of an org. Read Senge “The Leaders’ New Work.” Leaders need to be designers, teachers, stewards. Me: OK, to develop those roles you need the knowledge and mental discipline of org theorizing.

Tonight: “Rise of the Network Society.”

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One response to “First Day Down, 42/14 to go

  1. jordi comas

    Oh yeah,

    42/14 refers to number of classes left. 42 for Six Degrees, 14 for OT.

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