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Excavating Victorians– Virginia’s Book Coming Out In November

I am so proud of Virginia! Her book is inches from being released, and she gets this great blurb from another scholar.

SUNY Press :: Excavating Victorians
“This book is a sheer pleasure to read. Zimmerman has crafted an important and genuinely intriguing interpretation of the relationship between literature, geology, and archaeology in the period when these new sciences came into their own as separate disciplines. Zimmerman brings to her interpretations an impressive knowledge of many now forgotten episodes in the history of science. She examines a wide range of works and finds elegant and convincing ways to make them speak to each other.” — Robert D. Aguirre, author of Informal Empire: Mexico and Central America in Victorian Culture

Sounds great, yes? Don’t you want to buy a copy?

UPDATE; Book is out! Its ranked like 1,320,000 in books! Last week it beat out Victorian Lesbian Erotica in the History and Criticism> Victorian category.


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