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Quick updates

From an email to an old friend…

But, important updates about me and good description of kids.

Quick updates on me:  Got a tenure track job here at Bucknell.  It is shared with Virginia (we each teach 70%).  They essentially created a line for me to keep her.  Meanwhile, got green light from Spanish committee to move to defense stage of PhD.  Now starts a long, slow process through bureaucracy.  Whew!  Next year I will teach one semester and have off other to do some research.  Tenure track starts Fall 08.

Children are wonderful, wonderful (except when they are little shits!).  Elijah is a great big brother to his sibs.  He is in first grade and reading up a storm.  Wrote a play (on his own) about leprechauns last week.  First two lines: “It was a normal morning in a normal town.  It was not  a normal morning for Sasha.  It was his first time hunting leprechauns.”  haha!  English professor mom gushes over literary structure.  Alex loves music and moves to the beat of his own, very slow drummer.  Its usually good to help the rest of us enjoy life, but maddening when trying to get him to preschool.  Thea is all hugs and hopping and orders her ice cream according to color and then swipes my chocolate which she actually likes better than whatever “pink” is.  So, that is a keyhole view of life with our kids.

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