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College Loan Program Stinks of Corruption

Lenders Sought Edge Against U.S. in Student Loans – New York Times
President Bush’s budget reports that in 2006 for every $100 lent by private lenders, the cost to the government of subsidies, defaults and other items was $13.81, while the same amount lent through the direct loan program cost the government $3.85. The battle for dominance in the loan market has escalated as tuitions have soared and students have borrowed more

Lovely. The formula: corruption + free market ideology=fleecing of public.

Its in full swing. I want to find out if Bucknell participates in the direct loan program which allows the Federal Government to make direct loans to students. The article reports that some schools withdrew under pressure from private banks looking to force more loans their way.

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Organization Science Winter Conference

Back in February, I went to OSWC XIII.

This is one of my favorite conferences. This was my second time. Two years ago I went and saw Stewart Clegg preside as the “judge” in a mock trial of epistemology and objective knowledge with Bill McKelvey arguing for realism and Ralph Stablein arguing for the reflexive skepticism of a post-modern/constuctionist perspective. I remember it being utterly playful and profound.

The conference focuses on dialog and relationship-building. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner are with participants. The main presentation are poster sessions from 6-9 with lots or hors d’oeuvres and an open bar, and there is lots of skiing and chats on the ski lifts. At my poster session, people stayed until 10 chatting while the bulletin boards were being pulled down.

The focus this year was on technology and innovation. I did a poster about using SIENA to study idea diffusion and idea quality conjointly with endogenous network effects (like reciprocity). I’ll blog more about this one of these days.

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