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Org Studies and “classics” of Sociology

I am at a 2 day conference organized by Paul Adler for chapter authors to discuss and improve their contributions to anew handbook from Oxford university press. The book is titled Oxford handbook of Org Studies and Sociology.

10 hours of discussing five chapters was very intense. My brain hurts. It is fun and a little nerve-wracking to be in the room with such smart people. At the same time, I find myself frustrated that the need to mull over and define the “Canon” is such a strong impulse. The audience is supposed to be graduate students. I imagine I know a thing or two about them… :<) Rather than 85% of who a given classic is or was, and 15% about what means for org studies today, I would rather have more of a condensation of the classic for org studies today. I want more conversations, critiques, and bunch clearing of paths less traveled but aching to be explored. If someone wants an exercise in intellectual history, they should get a different book.

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