Colony Collapse Disorder in bees comes close to home

I was reading the New Yorker last week about Bees and CCD (colony collapse disorder):  a very nice article by Elizabeth Kolbert (she even gets into the act and becomes an amateur apiarist).   She has problems with bears trying to eat her honey. Guess Winnie the Pooh has a kernel of truth.   As it turnsout, the beekeeper who first “reported” this problem lives here in Lewisburg: Richard Hackenberg.

What’s more, some of my biology colleagues are studying this problem too.  I know Beth Capaldi!  I play Frisbee with her.

Small world?  Not technically here.  Just a coincidence.  The thing about the bees and CCD is really worrisome to me.  I asked my students last Spring if they had heard of it and less than 25% had.   Add high oil prices, collapsing housing starts,bubble popping in mortgage markets, and global instability around Bush’s lame duck foreign policy and you have a recipe for one hell of a recession.  I sometimes wonder if the technocratic managing of the economy has gotten so good as to keep the bottom from falling out like it did in 1929…

Now they may be in for a real test.

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