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Innovating markets- idea for the Department

My colleagues have been crafting a new curricualr program possibility to roll out.  We wnated to get away from overly functional silos.

Several ideas had been suggested around the intersection of marketing, creative industries, design,  and the criticla skills of a liberal arts education.

One way to gel these came to me at our (5 hour!) department retreat:

“Innovating Markets”

1) It is clearly focused on markets.  The other programs are less directly focused on markets and more on organizations.
2) Innovating captures both a timeless and timely aspect of how organizations react to markets.
3) The ability to make or modify markets is essential to innovation and creativity.
4) Going from three ideas to a gerund + noun leaves more room for the program to grow where there are opportunites while having carved out a core competence.
5) Stamp out nouns.  Verbs are better! (Hat tip to Karl Weick).

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