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MySpace falls prey to viral phishing

This is the kind of thing that would make any purveyor of SNS software feel his blood start to boil.  If a vibe of authentic, albeit shallow, connecting and socilaizing is ost, then a SNS will die like so many poorly thought through dot.com businesses.  E-toy anyone?

wcbstv.com – Phishers Infiltrate MySpace With Bogus Macy’s Gift Scheme
Social networking giant MySpace stumbled to its knees at the hands of a cyber superbug recently, falling ill to a severe phishing epidemic that is plaguing a vast and vulnerable segment of its membership, wcbstv.com in New York reported Friday.

I have long thought that one of the keys to Facebook’s success was its initial limited availability to those with a .edu domain name in e-mail address.  And the way they grouped people by affiliations.  Spelman college. Check.  Dartmouth.  Check.  Basically Zuckerberg et al leveraged the legitimacy univeristies confer to build their site.  So, myspace should have been very worried about this.  If a SNS is seen as nothing more than a way to get around people’ already very well executed advertisement avoidance strategies, then no matter the quality of content overall, the sense of community will wither and die.

So, Google, myspaces new corporate masters, should be very worried about the barbarian hordes outside their gate.

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