Social Networks Trendy Again

Thanks to Valdis Krebs for pushing this out over the SOCNET listserv.

Apparently, Social Network Analysis and its every-alluring eye candy graphs are super trendy again.  As only the cognoscenti of Silicon Valley could anoint, of course.   Not that I am complaining too much.  It has been very helpful to me and establishing my unique contributions that networks an network science are seen as got-to-have knowledge.

When Zuckerberg . of Facebook fame, showed off the new open, platform-oriented Facebok, the widget was a social graph producer.

A NEW fad is sweeping across Silicon Valley, causing excitement, confusion and hyperbole not seen since the dotcom bubble. It began in May, when Mark Zuckerberg, ten days after turning 23, took the stage in a San Francisco warehouse and announced that he was opening up Facebook, the social network he founded at Harvard University, to outside programmers. Anyone can now build little programs, or “widgets”, into the network. To illustrate his idea, Mr Zuckerberg projected onto the wall behind him a “social graph”—a pattern of nodes representing Facebook users and the links among them.

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