Bipartisanship is a chimera

This may be more overtly political than usual on this blog, but Paul Krugman in todays’ NY Times column (behind a security wall…) nails it.

There’s a fantasy, widely held inside the Beltway, that men and women of good will from both parties can be brought together to hammer out bipartisan solutions to the nation’s problems.

He’s talking about how the Republican Presidnetila candidates all adhere to the bankrupt economic policies of movement conservatism. All tax cuts all the time. The fantasy of bipartisanship drives me nuts, especially coming form the mainstream media. I am all in favor in compromise, but, only when the other side wants to compromise. When you look at how the Club for Growth types attacks Huckabee, or Specter in his 20o4 re-election, or McCain, you see how much they control the Republican party machinery. They won’t sit at the table. They are ideologues. You can tell becuase the answer to every question is tax cuts. How can tax cuts be needed when the economy is doing well and poorly?

Politics is a contact sport. It is about power. When common ground can be found, great. Otherwise, strap on your helmet and be ready to play and to fight.

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