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Surviving the Strike

Virginia turned me on to John oliver and Andy Zaltzman’s HILARIOUS podcast called the Bugle.


Its helping me get through the writers’ strike.

Recent bits that cracked me up:

+ Pope adds more exorcists… Cuz its hard to find a good exorcists these days.

+ Predicting England will take Euro 2008. You just got to believe! (England did not qualify).

+ Discussion of how much of a hottie Florence Nightingale was.

Enjoy, Bud.

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Peer-Reviewed Journals – SaLamanderWiki

Peer-Reviewed Journals – SaLamanderWiki

Aha!  A list of peer-reviewed journals.  That is nice to see since I am trying to publish an article about SL.  I wonder about SSRN?  Something else I ave been meaning  to check out.

First Monday as on my radar screen.  Ted, the others…?

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