Union activism in Facebook

Mydd.com had this story about union activism in facebook including the successful use of facebook tools to reinstate a banned labor activist (he’d been banned.)

  A few weeks ago I took a look at examples of unions using Facebook, partially inspired by Change to Win’s Smack the CEO Facebook application.  Over the last few days, a mini-revolt of sorts has rolled through the Facebook labor activist community, and I’ve got good news: our side won!

This seems relevant for the article about Organizing in the Network Society.  Usual questions: does the technology or the stance of the hosting company make it easier to organize?Is this a “new” kind of organizing orthe smae kind but with new technology?  who is calling the shots (who has power) in heavily privatized communication media like Facebook?

I need Brian to look at this and see what he thinks.  I need to finish post also!  D-oh!

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