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Blog goals

I keep meaning to improve this blog…

  1. blog hits counter
  2. Figure out diff between tags and categories (do I need both?)
  3. go to three column?
  4. fill out blogroll
  5. consolidate categories (life, writing, politics & government, local, words, research, networks, sociology, economics, organization theory… is that enough?)
  6. Explore wordpress site and forum for more ideas

Maybe more later…


I just figured ou the diff between wordpress.com and org, basically between teh software hsoted on a server I control versus the free hosting.  SO far, I think I will stick with free, but its nice to know I could download and customize of my blogging heart so desires some day.

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Self-management is an ongoing project for me.  I have a vast array of interests.  I have many projects of scholarship, teaching, and praxis I want to pursue.

I need a manager!  My wife could do it, but it woudl add too much stress to our relationship.

Fortunately, my writing group stepped up.  I will use them by sending a list of three (or so) writing goals for each week.  Even if they don’t read them, just knowing i am accountabele to someone else will be  a big help.

Maybe I could use twitter the same way.

Its the dawning of wikimanagement.

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