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A gadget I need? (or, simply one more distraction)

Given how much I like to take fragments of text and use them as the basis of notes and then put them into things I write, I have been eying these scanner pens for awhile wondering if they would make life easier for me.

I initially saw them in an airline Skymall cataloge. That stuff always seems cheesey and yet is utterly compelling eye candy when I travel.

here is one review.

Cnet review.


No one loves these devices.  And since the flatness of the documents seems critical for OCR, I wonder if any version is worthwhile for me now.  The Planon DCR scans a whole page and seems a superior design than the highlighter types.  Maybe a flatbed scanner would be better.  I could just scan pages I need.  Does scanner software easily convert to text (as opposed to images)?

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One more social theorist to check out

Reading a book about Castells, (by Fleix Stalder), I uncoverd this nugget by Scott Lash (whose name I have beeb seeing referenced for years).

“what is characteristic about the second modernity is the emergent demise of the distinction between structure and agency altogether” (Stalder 184).

Given the tag line of this blog, seems like I gotta check this out.  Who is Scott Lash?

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Toys of the Super Rich: Macbook Air Bling With Gold And Swarovski Crystal

I guess the super rich need something to do with their piles of money.

Macbook Air Bling With Gold And Swarovski Crystal – Born Rich
Macbook Air Bling With Gold And Swarovski Crystal

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Messin’ with my head: Our solar system isnt what it used to be

Not only did they diss cute, rakishly-tilted Pluto, no the astronomers are really messin’ with my head.

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 03/04/2008 | Our solar system isnt what it used to be
Under the new definition, the International Astronomical Union has officially recognized 11 planets: eight traditional ones plus three “dwarf planets. The dwarfs are Pluto; Ceres, which was thought to be an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter; and Eris, an object thats slightly larger than Pluto and farther from the sun.

At least 40 more dwarfs have been spotted even farther out and are awaiting official recognition. They bear names such as Quaoar, Sedna, Orcus, Varuna and Ixion. Dozens of others are known only by code numbers.

Maybe they miss the golden days of Galileo and Copernicus. They figure the stodgy field of astronomy will be shaken up by creating controversy and having the civil-religious authorities persecute them so they can be martyred on the high altar of science.

They still seem street-dumb though. They gave away those dwarf planet names for firesale prices. What would the naming rights of a dwarf planet be worth? How many telescopes could be bought with the proceeds from the official Gates planet, or Nike planetoid.

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