A gadget I need? (or, simply one more distraction)

Given how much I like to take fragments of text and use them as the basis of notes and then put them into things I write, I have been eying these scanner pens for awhile wondering if they would make life easier for me.

I initially saw them in an airline Skymall cataloge. That stuff always seems cheesey and yet is utterly compelling eye candy when I travel.

here is one review.

Cnet review.


No one loves these devices.  And since the flatness of the documents seems critical for OCR, I wonder if any version is worthwhile for me now.  The Planon DCR scans a whole page and seems a superior design than the highlighter types.  Maybe a flatbed scanner would be better.  I could just scan pages I need.  Does scanner software easily convert to text (as opposed to images)?


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