Comparing fourth and fifth editions of Organizations by Richard Scott (And Gerry Davis for fifth)

So, a new edition of Organizations:Rational, Natural, and Open Systems by W. Richard Scott is out. Its co-authored by Gerry Davis (Who was a student of Scott’s at Stanford, apparently) and has a newer, more active title (stamp out nouns!). This book was an absolute classic for me doing my PhD at IESE. It also helped me bridge sociology and management. So, like the priests we are, it is good to turn back to the canon and see what is there.

Organizations and Organizing: rational, natural, and open systems perspectives.

I wanted to see if it is worth reading/buying the new version. A quick comparison of the two tables of contents reveals that some major changes were made. After Break for table.

Edition (With Davis)
Fourth Edition
1: The Subject is Organizations; The Verb is Organizing
 1. The Subject Is Organization.
2: Organizations as Rational Systems
 2. Organizations as Rational Systems.
3: Organizations as Natural Systems
 3. Organizations as Natural Systems.
4: Organizations as Open Systems
 4. Organizations as Open Systems.
5: Combining Perspectives, Expanding Levels
 5. Combining the Perspectives.
6: Technology and Structure
 6. Conceptions of Environments.
7: Labor and Structure
 7. Creating Organizations.
8: Goals, Power, and Control
 8. Boundary Setting and Boundary Spanning.
9: The Dyadic Environment of the Organization
 9. Sources of Structural Complexity: The
Technical Core.
10: Organization of the Environment
10. Sources of Structural
Complexity: The Peripheral Components.
11: Networks In and Around Organizations
11. Goals, Power, and Control.
12: Strategy, Structure, and Performance: The Sociology of Organizational
12. Organizational Pathologies.
13: The Rise and Transformation of the Corporate Form
13. Organizational
14: Changing Contours of Organizations and Organization Theory

Thanks google docs for easy table converter.

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One response to “Comparing fourth and fifth editions of Organizations by Richard Scott (And Gerry Davis for fifth)

  1. Know I am gearing up to teach Org Theory to undergrads. And I have decided to use this book.
    Maybe I will use the blog to keep my own running notes on how to use it.

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