Practicing trust and VWs

Terra Nova: Practicing trust
Here it strikes me that MMOs sit in a sweet spot between being different enough as a practice to externalize, among other thing, acts of trust and kindness. Yet familiar enough in terms of the generic nature of what’s going on for those acts to have emotional impact – at least some of the time.

This is a very interesting comment from the author- Ren Reynolds.  Don’t knwo much about him, but maybe I should look more.  Fits in nicely with the “why VWs matter” paper Ted and I are trying to write.   And it captures the in-the-middle, sweet spot I have been imagining between total disarticualtion of real world identity and VW identity on the one hand and tight coupling or specified articulation (buying on ebay, buying on Amazon? LinkedIn?) on the other.  In SL, to juice up, or catalyze, the ferment of the world, there has to be enough distancingto activate playfulness, but enough peresistence and accountability to allow community to emerge (at least at player-player level) and norm reinforcement (we used to call it social control) to operate.

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