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Long Tail Debates

Wish I had more time now to review this:

Long Tail Stops Wagging.

Matt Stoller over at Open Left argues that this means that technoutopian libertarian dreams are dead and there is a necessary role for government.

Maybe.  I have never read enough of the Long Tail arguments to have a Strong opinion, but I do want to point out that there maybe radical inequality in revenues between a Google or Facebook and other web services that aim to make a profit.  In fact, a long tail is premised on that.  But, the question was whether a business can survive in the long tail, as opposed to have equal revenues.  If you have the head and not tail then you have an oligopoly which was never the merit of the long tail.

Finally, aggregators seem complicated.  They get a little revenue from a massive volume of transactions, but if those transactions are distributed to a number of smaller players (ebay, Amazon marketplace, emusic, and so on), then you may have a viable market where one did not exist before- again, it is about viability, not equality.

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Terrorist Fist Bump Emoticon

Updated on Nov 20:




Are officially sanctioned emoticons.  Sanctioned by me.  :<p

–Original post–

As far as I know, invented this.  You read it hear first.

I proudly pronounce the 100% American terrorist fist bump.

–8 8–

Tips welcome.


How about this:

–3 E–

See its two different fists.  And, it avoids the messiness of the ** thing.


–@ @–

That is Ok.  Looks like 2 roses also though.  Feel free to vote below.


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