Terrorist Fist Bump Emoticon

Updated on Nov 20:




Are officially sanctioned emoticons.  Sanctioned by me.  :<p

–Original post–

As far as I know, invented this.  You read it hear first.

I proudly pronounce the 100% American terrorist fist bump.

–8 8–

Tips welcome.


How about this:

–3 E–

See its two different fists.  And, it avoids the messiness of the ** thing.


–@ @–

That is Ok.  Looks like 2 roses also though.  Feel free to vote below.


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7 responses to “Terrorist Fist Bump Emoticon

  1. I prefer full body emoticons and if I’m fistbumping you then you then I only need to represent my part.

    This is my natural state:


    and this is me giving you a fistbump:


    Short versions of course are :)& and :)7

    Am I crazy? You bet. But at least I can still laugh at myself.


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