To Wiki or not to Wiki?

Write this email to Bryan Alexander over at NITLE to see if his input could help me make a quick dicision about “to wiki or not to wiki?”

I am thinking of trying to use a wiki for two projects.

1)      Organize the ever more cluttered and bushy set of resources i would like to draw on in my teaching.  I have been a pack rat for awhile with both print and electronic resources.   When it comes time to dip into this pool to build syllabi, I tend to ignore it as it is hard to access.  I was imagining that a wiki could help me combine tags or a folksonomy with links and some brief commentary.

2)      As a collaborative tool in a class I am about to teach on organization theory.  The plan is to have students and myself educate ourselves on  the financial crisis and work together to find out “what went on.”  I though a wiki could be used to build knowledge and resources.

My university has Blackboard and there is a wiki tool there.

I was wondering if you have any thoughts about wiki tools or platforms.  Is there one good one for academics?  Is there an “industry leader” out there?


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3 responses to “To Wiki or not to Wiki?

  1. Jordi,

    Using a wiki as a personal information dump is a great idea. Pick one with a strong full text search engine. I use a wiki like this (one for work, one for personal use) and just dump information into a new page when I find it. No linking or organization necessary. Then I can just search the wiki when I want to find something.

    For your classroom project, give EditMe a look – it’s been used successfully in many a college classroom. It sounds like you have a well defined and appropriate goal for the wiki, which is huge.

  2. I’ll answer here – and happy new year, Jordi!

    There are a ton of platforms out there. Google Docs is growing in popularity, due to having no wiki markup and not using the term “wiki”. Mediawiki is best known for being the Wikipedia engine. Confluence has been winning institutional support.

    Do you know Stuart Mader’s Wikipatterns book, or his wikis and education book?

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