Sociologist is one of best jobs according to Wall Street Journal

According to the venerable WSJ, being a  sociologist is one of teh top ten jobs in the US using a multiple criteria evaluation that includes salary, level of stress, workplace conditions and other commonsensical metrics.

Mathematician is #1.  Lumberjack is #200.

I wonder if they break out other academics… if so, the 200 careers is going to be tilted heavily towards academics!

The Best and Worst Jobs

Of 200 Jobs studied, these came out on top — and at the bottom:

The Best The Worst
1. Mathematician 200. Lumberjack
2. Actuary 199. Dairy Farmer
3. Statistician 198. Taxi Driver
4. Biologist 197. Seaman
5. Software Engineer 196. EMT
6. Computer Systems Analyst 195. Garbage Collector
7. Historian 194. Welder
8. Sociologist 193. Roustabout
9. Industrial Designer 192. Ironworker
10. Accountant 191. Construction Worker

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