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The Grid- A Tool for Academic Writing and Self-Organization

An example of “The Grid.”

ON the suggestion of a friend, I started this Academic writing coaching service.  It is called Academic Ladder.

It is like a mash-up of facebook and a writing group.  SO far, it has been pretty helpful.  I mentioned the grid, something I picked up here from Roger and Mary Lynn Breyfogle, I think.

My current example is below the fold.  There is nothing that fancy about this.  You just make some categories (you can modify your own of course):

  • Published/Accepted
  • Revise & Resubmit
  • Under Review
  • Drafted (I use this for mostly done or working papers)
  • To draft or abstracted
  • Ideas

Then you put each project under its category.  The insight is that you want at least one thing at each level, one nugget of wisdom in the pipeline so you can keep a steady flow of productivity.

I have modified it by adding other columns like

  • Target outlet
  • Timeline
  • To do

Voila!  That is it.

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