The Grid- A Tool for Academic Writing and Self-Organization

An example of “The Grid.”

ON the suggestion of a friend, I started this Academic writing coaching service.  It is called Academic Ladder.

It is like a mash-up of facebook and a writing group.  SO far, it has been pretty helpful.  I mentioned the grid, something I picked up here from Roger and Mary Lynn Breyfogle, I think.

My current example is below the fold.  There is nothing that fancy about this.  You just make some categories (you can modify your own of course):

  • Published/Accepted
  • Revise & Resubmit
  • Under Review
  • Drafted (I use this for mostly done or working papers)
  • To draft or abstracted
  • Ideas

Then you put each project under its category.  The insight is that you want at least one thing at each level, one nugget of wisdom in the pipeline so you can keep a steady flow of productivity.

I have modified it by adding other columns like

  • Target outlet
  • Timeline
  • To do

Voila!  That is it.



Target Timeline
2 Mind the Gap: Revisiting the Promise and Limits of Network Forms of Organization. SUNBELT 2009 March 12-15 09 Decline?
1 Codes and Communities Shape Co-Evolution in Virtual Worlds. OSWC 09 Feb 09 Write paper from AOM paper (Code Rules).
1 A New Approach to Network Theory? Integrating Relationalism as Metatheory with a Sociology of Relational Structures ESS 09 March To WRITE

Under Review

1 Innovation ^social Submitted to Org Sci Special issue If accepted, has summer conference.
1 Terrorism as a Network Organization with Paul Shrivastava Submitted to JMI
1 Technology and the Perpetual Tension Between Bridging and Cohesion for Social Entrepreneurs Submitted to EGOS July 09
1 Blogging for Management Scholars- Workshop Proposal with Others Submitted to AOM Aug 09
1 Code Rules: A Theoretical Framework for Field Evolution in Virtual Worlds Codes and Mechanisms

With Ted Tschang

Submitted to AOM Aug 09
1 If We Are Having Fun, Can it be All Bad? Play, Identity, and Community in Virtual Worlds

With Ted Tschang

Symposium on “Life for Sale” with others.

Submitted to AOM Aug 09

In Revision

1 The Business of VWs with Ted Tschang and N Venkatraman from Boston U. Practitioner journal- Sloan Winter 09 Has third co-author.

In Ted’s court.

2 Brokerage and/or Closure [Diss Chapter] Org Science Summer 09 Polish references and argument;

Fix data presentation.

2 Juggling Exploration and Exploitation [Diss Chapter] AMJ or AMR or J of Man inquiry? Org Studies? Some Org Learning journal Summer 09 Integrate two chapters.
2 Opening Two Black Boxes: Theoretical Complentarity of Social Network and Organizational Learning Research [Diss Chapter] AMR?  Other J that does Lit Reviews Summer 09

Mostly Done Drafts/Abstracts

3 Citizen Coors Revisited Edited book ?? 1) Finish draft

2) Send to Editor

3) Share with David KG

1 From the Iron Cage to The Steel Web: Networks and Relationalism as the Basis for new Org Theory AMR CFP on Where do Network theories come from? April 15 ESS paper aboe is draft of this


2 Brokers, Community, and Entrepreneurs NSF Organizational Innovation stream Jan 15 (check) Finish draft

Circulate draft (Keith Hunter)

3 ACORN, Castells, and organizing with BK Interface ► Read BK’s stuff

► Write my short treatment of Castellsian organizing

3 Integrating Network and Institutional Theory Book Proposal 1) Literature review
3 Knowledge and Network Flows- A Conceptual Integration ??

Social Networks?

Organizational Dynamics?

3 Network Neo-Fascism ?? 1) Bone up on Fascism Theory

2) read Barley’s paper for ideas.

3 Networks and Leadership 1) Seek out partners in Mg 101 course.

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