SOCNET discussion on miltary and ethics (2 polls)



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9 responses to “SOCNET discussion on miltary and ethics (2 polls)

  1. Nikola

    I wrote, “must be a blessing to feel so pure, Sam Friedman.” The whole thing reminds me of the only quote from Kipling that I like: “you may talk o’ gin an’ beer/when you’re quartered safe out ‘ere.”

    …and now I wonder if the grad students who posted to the list will now be blackballed academically for disagreeing with him.

  2. Here are responses so far. Thanks poll daddy!

    It is important to discuss ethical issues

    It should go on on SOCNET

    It was good, but should end now

    It’s ok, short or long. SNA is used for war strategy. Ethics lines are needed.

    Must be a blessing to feel so pure, Sam Friedman.

    its nice to have a lively debate!

    Let people talk if they like. I can (and others can) delete w/o reading.

    it’s the (necessary) nature of the listserve beast.

    For this

    It is shaping well, particularly with the post by Charles Kadushin

    Posters should be more careful/thoughtful about their responses.

    I think it should go on for longer, unless there is another appropriate fora.

    it was appropriate, helpful, and important


    Not sure – interesting discussion, but getting a bit heat-not-light now

    Fine as long as SNA remains focus and people snip length per Barry’s request

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