So I like to make little contributions to language.  I think it comes from a punning family and then marrying into even more of one.  Or maybe it is a function of the mild learning disability.  Words and phrases always look a little off.  I tend to break them down into their components and then think of alternate meanings.

A very off color example.  Virginia is discussing a blog that tracks authors’ submissions to agents.  It is called a “query tracker.”  I quipped: “Is that a way to monitor short gay people?”

Anyway, in my writing group someone was complaining about multi-tasking and hos distracting it is.  Amen!  I rpelied that she should “unitask.” A quick google search reveals it is a company.  It is also a term the productivity crowd picked up on.  “7 Unitasking Tips.” Rats.  I was hoping to coin it.

The only silver lining is that I meant it as half serious-half snarky.

My defintion:

Unitasking: To achieve multi-tasking’s promise, and to live in the mental space of multi-tasking, by pursuing many tasks one at a time. Anyone can do things sequentially and methodically.  Only a recovering multi-tasker can frantically maintain a zen-like state of self-induced stress while unitasking. The key is to think of ten things you should be doing at once, and then proceed to do them one at a time.


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2 responses to “Uni-tasking

  1. You got a gift for gifted garbled thoughts centered on thinking.

  2. Shelby

    I read a blog on organizing (http://unclutterer.com/) and the author sends great Unitasker messages once a week. She defines unitaskers as products which have only one function, and usually a function which could be easily done by something else you already have. The posts are funny and also highlight our ridiculous consumption culture at the same time. Some of my favorites from last year were the book brush and the garbage bowl (The Rachel Ray garbage bowl is perfect for collecting the garbage you create while cooking. Don’t just use any old cereal or mixing bowl you have around the house! That won’t do!). Check it out: http://unclutterer.com/category/unitasker-wednesday/

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