Where am I (summer 2010)?

Here is an overview of where we will be this May and summer as we embark on the zim-com caravan of fun!

Zimmerman-Comas Family Caravan of Fun – Summer 2010

Please let us know if we are ever near you!  We would love to see and visit with lots of dear friends and family.

Throughout our travels, we can be reached by e-mail. Until 31 July, we can be reached by cell phone.

May 10-14 JC in Knoxville.

May 14-16 Multifamily camping trip in RB Winter

May 17-June 11 Lewisburg

11 June                        Depart Lewisburg

11-25 June                   Red House Cabin, Yancey County, North Carolina (Time zone = EST)

25 June – 8 July          3928 Lincolnshire St., Annandale, VA, 22003 (EST)

[28 June – 4 July]        Jordi at EGOS conference in Lisbon (EST+6)

8 – 21 July                   Oregon (EST-3)

9-16 Newport; 16-21 Corvallis

21 – 27 July                 Annandale, VA again (EST)

27 – 31 July                 Reykjavik, Iceland (EST+4)

31 July – 18 August    Cuckfield, UK (EST+5)

18 – 19 August           Travel by Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Santander, Spain

19 August onward      Secretari Coloma 114-18-1, Barcelona 08024, Spain (EST+6)

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