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Summer 2010

This is the beginning of our combined leave year.  Virignia has sabbatical and I have UTFL (untenured faculty leave).  We are relocating to Barcelona, Spain, to be in Europe, to let the kids have a deep cross-cultural immersion, and, of course, to be with Spanish family (and food!).

Family blogging about our travels and adventures will be over here.

I will be on-line in general.

Our itinerary:

11 June                        Depart Lewisburg

11-25 June                   Red House Cabin, Yancey County, North Carolina (Time zone = EST)

25 June – 8 July          Annandale, VA, 22003 (EST) with Mary

[28 June – 4 July]        Jordi at EGOS conference in Lisbon (EST+6

(America Diamonds Hotel)

8 – 21 July                   Oregon (EST-3)

9-16 Newport;

16-21 Corvallis

21 – 27 July                 Annandale, VA again (EST)

27 – 31 July                 Reykjavik, Iceland (EST+4)

31 July – 18 August    Cuckfield, UK (EST+5) with our good friends Jo and Debbie in their delightfully named home, Southern Breech.

18 – 19 August           Travel by Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Santander, Spain

19 August onward      Our piso in Spain (EST+6)

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