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Carrots to Pull (veggie variation)

There are bigger carrots to pull.  I propose this as an alternative to “bigger fish to fry.”

I was writing to a colleague, who is a committed vegetarian, and wanted to write,

“There are more important fish to fry.”

That didn’t seem right.  So I suggested “there are bigger carrots to pull.”  Same idea.  More palatable to the non-carnivores out there.

Good phrase?

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Shades of Grey meaning subtlety not sex

I can’t say “shades of grey” anymore thanks to that annoying book.  I’m looking at you EL James.

Can we sue her for changing the language and the connotations of an idiom?


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Your Friends Know You Better

Funny, odd, touching chat with an old and dear friend….


how are you?
 me:  today good.  Overall, pent up ambition of 20 years trying to fit through the small nozzle of what can be done….
friend:  have you ever seen a sea horse penis?
 me:  ?? auto correct damn you?
are you getting fresh with me?
Friend:  i imagine your flow is something like that
 me:  oh…
that is a touching and icky compliment
LOL- later- I think he meant cuz the male carries the eggs…  and is “impregnated” by the female…
"Two sea horses mating"

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