Everyone is Obsessed with Atheists

Friend posted this link to a Chronicle of HE article about a study of atheists.

Author of blog post Tom Bartlett headlines his review with this headline:

“Do Atheists Really Believe in God?”

My response:
“Do Psychologists Really Believe in Skin Test?”

Meh. I think author’s question about whether any imagined external force, God, Squirrel, Bad Luck makes one “anxious’ is the right one. id they bother trying to figure out if one is an atheist, what they think the statement “I dare God to kill my children” means?

Like, right now, I am thinking about this, I am aetheist, and I am thinking “what a shitty thing to happen” and I am aware that there is some external mechanism or cause of the badness. I mean, if God does something bad, it is usually through an agent- a flood, a burning topiary, or a bearded guy. It is not like he shows up like Zeus and bangs some chick for no reason.

So, really, maybe the statement reminds us of how there are unknowns out there and it is frightening to think about them. So belief in God is really a fear of the unknown. And so the title could have been “Belief in God is fear of the unknown.”

So, interesting study. But like 99.9% of social science, what to make of it depends on interpretation.


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5 responses to “Everyone is Obsessed with Atheists

  1. Did he really?

    If I had to choose, I would say we are her blunder. This follows from my own assumption that it is a fool’s errand to try to dispossess people of their faiths. In other words, believing in God is no blunder. I have my own “gods.” i don’t mean higher powers or anything, I just mean idealized values that act as lodestones. So I guess I am a humanist as much as an atheist. I just find sometimes non-atheists want to try and force agnosticism on me.

    No. I am quite sure of my BELIEF that there is no metaphysical reality. But, it is still a belief. I don’t think there is any final test of my position or someone else’s. SO maybe libertarian atheist humanist!? LOL.

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