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Burritos, Homogeneity of Bites, Marketing and Capitalism

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Burrito thought. is there some sort of Burrito aesthetic I don’t know about? That dictates the ingredients be like in strata inside the burrito? Because I’d rather have more mixing. Why not put all ingredients in a bowl (at like an eatery), THEN nix them and then into burrito. More bite similarity across the eating experience.

Very Sporkful question.


Comment thread from FB:

(1) Burrito thought. is there some sort of Burrito... - Jordi Sunshine Comas









So, several important  themes are here.

1) Why have no burrito joints created this innovation?  are there costs to bowls and cleaning that make it not viable?

2) If people want it, why have the markets not provided what we want?

3) Are there proper aesthetics or culinary philosophies guiding burrito creation and consumption?


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A perfect moment under the cherry blossoms

Just wanted to reflect on a lovely meeting I had with my presidential fellow, a student who is paid to work on extra projects with a faculty member.  Carolina and I are working on something we are calling these days emPOWer: this is a working title for an emerging project to document, support, foment, and study social innovation and entrepreneurship in, around, and through Bucknell.

I’ll blog more on that later.  But this morning, we sat under the cherry blossoms on a glorious Spring day and had the easy exchange of people with roles, with goals, and with common passions.  My mind was alive with ideas and actions to see those come to fruition.  The verve, blessed by a suspended snowfall of pink petals, underscored this is one of the best jobs ever.

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