Why Blog…

I am an assistant professor of management at Bucknell University.

This blog is where I share thoughts, ideas, continuing conversations about the work I do.

I am glad you are here. Please join in a conversation.

You can find me on twitter at twitter.com/jordisunshine

in SL: jordisunshine takacs

my yummy bookmarks at delicious: http://del.icio.us/jordisunshine

My SSRN number: TBD

Research Interests

I care about how people get things done.  Marx’s dictum about people making history, but not under the conditions of our own choosing, is really the core theme of my writing and teaching.  Understanding the nitty gritty of when people can change their worlds, and when social structures mold or block change, is the emotional and intellectual commitment that led me to get my PhD in Management after earning in MA in Sociology.

Presently, I work at the intersection of social network analysis, organization theory, and macro-sociology of “The Network Society.”  These themes and scholarly communities inform my approach to organizations, learning, knowledge, and change.

Current projects include:

+ Publishing articles from my dissertation about how social networks and organizational learning interact.

+ The organizational structure of terrorism

+ Theorizing the essential features and business implications of virtual worlds

+ Exploring the networks of social entrepreneurs

Longer term, I seek to work more on:

+ Social entrepreneurship and innovation and networks

+ Integrating network analysis and new forms of organization

+ Synthesizing planned change and org development with network analysis.

Topics covered in this blog include:

  • Networks
  • Knowledge and Learning in Organizations
  • Social Movements and Networks
  • Sociology of organizations
  • Social Theory
  • Complex systems and emergent phenomena
  • Politics
  • Follies and misdemeanors of leaders, managers, and CEOs
  • Power and Change
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Visual representation and analysis of networks


  • Just Asking Provocative Questions

More about me.

3 responses to “Why Blog…

  1. Thanks for this blog ,

    I realized that there are very few blogs – that are close on Organization Theory or Organization Behavior (Though plenty on leadership , HR etc.).

    So stumbled on your blog – while searching .

    It is nice effort and please keep it up..

  2. David

    As a Management student, I find your blog very interesting. My research focus is in our social media factors into organizational learning as well so I am interested to read what you have written. Glad I stumbled across your site!

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