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Natural Capitalism

I am just now picking up Lovins, Hawken,and Lovins Natural Capitalism book.

I am wondering if I could use it in a module on alternative perspectives on capitalism module. I also was wondering what has happened since it was published in 1999.

There is a is a website called

Here I found a more recent edition with a new introduction.

What I like best about it is the focus on solutions. I feel like that would mitigate people who dismiss change as naive idealism.

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Apple 2.0 Dell vs. Apple: 10 Years Later «

FORTUNE: Apple 2.0 Dell vs. Apple: 10 Years Later «

Michael Dell famoulsy siad about ten years ago  that appls should shut down and liquidate.  Ahhh, such hubris.  Fortune has the scoop on the intervening ten years.

Seems a resounding endorsement of a value-oriented, innovative company.  Of course, Michael Dell is personally wealthier than Steve Jobs.  So how do you measure success?  Which company is doing more for the overall prosperity of the country?  You could argue that Dell does a lot by making PCs so cheap.  Point taken, but that would have happened anyway.  It woudl be good to know wthe relative numbers of employees as well.

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