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Is this for real?

A direct mail marketing message came to me today ahead of the Academy of Management meetings.

Is this for real?

Do you have questions about life?

Stop by the McGraw-Hill/Irwin booth Sunday, Aug.9 and Tuesday, Aug. 12 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and get lifes questions answered by our psychics!

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Soc Net Books to Explore

Charles Kadushin sent out an email awhile ago asking for reviewers for Social Networks.  i would love to see the network folks sink their teeth into the explosion of general audience/practitioner books out there.

he listed the following at the time as possibilities:

Social Networks and Marketing, by Christophe Van den Bulte and Stefan Wuyts, Marketing Science Institute, 2007.

Andy Sernovitz and Guy Kawasaki, Word of Mouth Marketing: How smart companies get people talking. Kaplan Publishing, 2006 Mark Hughes, Buzz Marketing, Penguin 2006 Dave Balter and John Butman, Grapevine: the new art of word-of-mouth marketing. Penguin 2005.

Add Seth Godin’s Tribes: We need you to Lead us (2008) to the list.

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Chain letters explained… – News – How Did That Chain Letter Get To My Inbox? – US National Science Foundation NSF
Everyone who has an e-mail account has probably received a forwarded chain letter promising good luck if the message is forwarded on to others–or terrible misfortune if it isnt. The sheer volume of forwarded messages such as chain letters, online petitions, jokes and other materials leads to a simple question–how do these messages reach so many people so quickly?

The NSF research by Jon Kleinberg (From Six Degrees book) and David Liben-Nowell (from Carleton!) has an interesting answer.  It seems that online petitions follow quite circuitous routes and do not spread virally (each recipient spawning new ones) at all.  Key nodes are critical making the whole process quite resistant to prediction and intervention.  Bad news for people selling you the Dummies Guide to Viral Marketing.

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Research Ideas for My Students

Hello folks. This is by no means a comprehensive set of resources. It more reflects sources that seemed to be of interest to two or more of you AND that I thought might not jump out at you as pertinent. It is a mix of search terms, blogs, or alternative media.

EVERYONE should make an appointment with a Bucknell research librarian.

Mob Mentality

□ See Swarm intelligence as a search term. Also this book and tool.

□ See Smart Mobs as a search term. Also, this site and book.

How context shapes roles

Stanford Prison Experiment

How social network effects company

□ Work by Rob Cross

David Krackhardt

David Obstfeld

How brekatoroughs happen…

□ Blogs: Search them for your topics.






Saddam Hussein and his network

RAND corporation



Experts on torture

A historian of torture

Overview of news on detainees

Financial Bubbles…

Bill Moyers with Kuttner

Interviews with Greenspan

Greespan debate Naomi Klein, a critic (bubbles and feds role comes up)
Fanatic communities


Org theory post

Size of communties

Gore-Tex maker


No logo– a critical assessment of advertising and capitalism.

Viral garden blog



Cobra II

Assassin’s Gate

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MySpace falls prey to viral phishing

This is the kind of thing that would make any purveyor of SNS software feel his blood start to boil.  If a vibe of authentic, albeit shallow, connecting and socilaizing is ost, then a SNS will die like so many poorly thought through businesses.  E-toy anyone? – Phishers Infiltrate MySpace With Bogus Macy’s Gift Scheme
Social networking giant MySpace stumbled to its knees at the hands of a cyber superbug recently, falling ill to a severe phishing epidemic that is plaguing a vast and vulnerable segment of its membership, in New York reported Friday.

I have long thought that one of the keys to Facebook’s success was its initial limited availability to those with a .edu domain name in e-mail address.  And the way they grouped people by affiliations.  Spelman college. Check.  Dartmouth.  Check.  Basically Zuckerberg et al leveraged the legitimacy univeristies confer to build their site.  So, myspace should have been very worried about this.  If a SNS is seen as nothing more than a way to get around people’ already very well executed advertisement avoidance strategies, then no matter the quality of content overall, the sense of community will wither and die.

So, Google, myspaces new corporate masters, should be very worried about the barbarian hordes outside their gate.

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Viral Marketing and Activism

Forward Track purports to be a tool to use viral amrketing techniques to track and promote online activism.

One of my classes, “The Rise of the Network Society” will look at later this week.  I am using this to better understand this whole viral marketing thing.

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My 12 seconds of fame… (Or, me shamelessly flogging for my employer)

Bucknell Homecoming 2007. A student cornered me and expertly coaxed this marketing plug from me.

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Innovating markets- idea for the Department

My colleagues have been crafting a new curricualr program possibility to roll out.  We wnated to get away from overly functional silos.

Several ideas had been suggested around the intersection of marketing, creative industries, design,  and the criticla skills of a liberal arts education.

One way to gel these came to me at our (5 hour!) department retreat:

“Innovating Markets”

1) It is clearly focused on markets.  The other programs are less directly focused on markets and more on organizations.
2) Innovating captures both a timeless and timely aspect of how organizations react to markets.
3) The ability to make or modify markets is essential to innovation and creativity.
4) Going from three ideas to a gerund + noun leaves more room for the program to grow where there are opportunites while having carved out a core competence.
5) Stamp out nouns.  Verbs are better! (Hat tip to Karl Weick).

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SNS for advertising

Jenna Camann, a former student, sent me a very nice email from her new digs in Charlotte, NC. Jenna is mad about NASCAR and embarked on some sort of Arthurian multiyear quest to win herself a job there. Maybe she will tell me the whole story someday. Go Jenna!

Here is what she said:

There is a lot of buzz in the past two weeks about social networking sites which keep reminding me of class. The sports business quote of the day today was even from a Sports Illustrated exec mentioning that on-line social networks are “like sports talk radio online, without the commercials. It’s really a very engaging community.”

Not very surprising that they sports executives would stumble into networks and the living web one of these days. A couple of thoughts come to mind.

1) Will a sponsor’s interest in sales and control of the site collide with users’ expectations of control?

2) How many online communities can I participate in? Is there a saturation point for SNS? I bet most people only use 1-2 at most. I use facebook and LinkedIn mostly. Instead of making lame SNS that will sputter, they should see about plugging into existing ones somehow. Similarly, can they find some tools that will make a sports SNS sticky for sports fans?

3) I don’t know, but should, if anyone is making money hosting SNS?

4) With the coming of Second Life, have SNS already peaked?

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