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Is this for real?

A direct mail marketing message came to me today ahead of the Academy of Management meetings.

Is this for real?

Do you have questions about life?

Stop by the McGraw-Hill/Irwin booth Sunday, Aug.9 and Tuesday, Aug. 12 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and get lifes questions answered by our psychics!

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Applied SNA-ASNA 2007 // Call for Papers

ASNA 2007 // Call for Papers
ASNA 2008 will primarily provide an interdisciplinary venue with focus on applications of social network analysis; however, submissions on theoretical and methodological issues regarding SNA are also welcome.

I don’t know how many times I can bounce over to the EU in the Fall, but this looked interesting.  I have been itching for awhile to get a better handle on applied SNA.   Outside of Valdis Kreb’s InFlow and Rob Cross’ Network Roundtable (and The company Visible Path), I don’t know much about applied SNA over here.

I should find out what kinds of meetings are over here of this nature.

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Conference leads for Ted

Possible conference venues for SL paper… Some may be for next year assuming they repeat.

Social Aaspects of Web

Computer Human Interaction fro Managing IT:

Economics and Finance modeling– see mostly the idea of emergence in complex systems.  Thats our emergent layer.

Tools for participation. This one is more about VW as place for collaboration or new forms of community.

ACM Hypertext… They may be only about links now but by next year interworld links will be an issue?

Intntl Conf on Computer Mediated Social Networking

Weblogs and Social Media– isn’t a VW the ultimate social media???

You gotta love any conference with Hawai’i in the title. this is about VW specifically.

Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems

Any leads?

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Organizing Christmas- A Festive Symposium

OTists with a sense of humor!

Organizing Christmas- A Festive Symposium
Organizing Christmas – A Festive Symposium
Warwick Business School 15th-16th December 2008

Organizing Christmas is a one day symposium taking place at the University of Warwick between the 15th and 16th of December 2008. A truly international, and indeed trans-hemispheric event, it is being jointly organized by colleagues from Warwick Business School in the UK, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, and the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

The aim is to bring academic colleagues together in order to discuss the true (organizational) meaning of Christmas. We invite proposals for papers and presentations from all those who might share our interest in this increasingly excessive festival of indulgence and mass-consumption. Be it working at Christmas, shopping at Christmas, or even simply trying to organize a happy Christmas, we are keen to encourage a range of perspectives and interests as the basis for this event. Of course, just because it is a period of holiday and frivolity – well for many of us anyway – we don’t expect you to leave your academic integrity and critical faculties behind in favour of an easy eggnog. But hopefully fun and meaningful academic debate can go hand in hand at this time of goodwill to all.

Please feel free, therefore, to browse the website and perhaps consider dropping us an abstract. Further details of the event will appear here as they become available, and remember, like the promotion round, Christmas comes but once a year so submit early and beat the rush.
Papers/presentations are invited in relation to any aspect of the symposium theme, but suggested topics might include:

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A little rant about the Academic game

Here is a little bit of an email I just sent to a colleague in which I rant (a little) about the state of AOM and having taken one-too-many sociology of knowledge classes.

I think AOM may have lost sight of its best purpose if it is all near-journal articles.  OTOH, that is probably why visual and round table sessions evolved.  Meanwhile, the near-journal expectations for normal papers helps to increase supply of citations for the burgeoning demand for more CV lines among the exploding business school faculty ever-urged on by the whipping of reputation-mad Deans, Presidents, and trustees.  Having a sociology of knowledge pair of lenses is really a fucking curse since I can both see through the BS artifices of knowledge production and also feel self-justified in not playing the game.  Ok, rant over.

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Professional Development Workshop Ideas (for any Management/Org Studies Conference)

Some professional email correspondence led me to brianstorm the kinds of PDWs I would like to see happen or participate in.

As I will never get around to all of these, here they are for the taking:

Ideas for AOM PDWs

– Collaborative knowledge tools for researchers (how to use blogs, wikis, podcasts, and so on).  My thinking was more about how to use them to support and advance research (as opposed to self-promotion, but that could fit too.)

– Qualitative and Mixed Method Network Analysis (Dvaid Obstfeld and I have kicked this around in passing).

– Network Analysis/Netcentric thinking for Org and Strategic Interventions.  At Sunbelt or AOM once David Krackhardt (And a few others) talked about this.  Could be OMT and ODC joint project and focus on more full cycle research (not just anecdotes).

– The “lost” theory of networks (Simmel, White, Econ Sociology, Complexity, Emirbayer): An attempt to push back on networks as all method no theory idea.  I don’t agree, but am  a little wary of opening a structuralist vs. individualist cat fight.  I mean, I like healthy disagreement, as opposed to paradigm policing.

– Using Web 2.0 to collect data:  I have been doing some research on SecondLife and other virtual worlds.  I have also wondered how to take advantage of facebook et al to get some network data.  So, this would be like sharing tips and tricks of the trade.  Also, discussing thorny issues of human subject review.  And privacy.   Maybe AOM could throw its weight around (ha ha) and get us a social network CEO to come and talk about corporate-research data sharing.

– Institutions, Organizations, and Networks: Common Ground and Common Agendas:  I feel like there is some sort of gap between institutional theory and network research.  or maybe its just niche proliferation, but i have been wondeirng why some sort of “grand synthesis” hasn’t been created (or maybe it has and I missed it out here in the wilds of Pennsylvania).

– Social Entrepreneurs and Networks.  Do the networks and network strategies of social entrpreneurs/innovators differ from the plain old “normal” ones?  Does the prima facie need to address a social concern and claim a higher moral authority effect how social entrepreneurs get things done?  Maybe a SIM, ENT, OMT, CMS joint project.

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Org Studies and “classics” of Sociology

I am at a 2 day conference organized by Paul Adler for chapter authors to discuss and improve their contributions to anew handbook from Oxford university press. The book is titled Oxford handbook of Org Studies and Sociology.

10 hours of discussing five chapters was very intense. My brain hurts. It is fun and a little nerve-wracking to be in the room with such smart people. At the same time, I find myself frustrated that the need to mull over and define the “Canon” is such a strong impulse. The audience is supposed to be graduate students. I imagine I know a thing or two about them… :<) Rather than 85% of who a given classic is or was, and 15% about what means for org studies today, I would rather have more of a condensation of the classic for org studies today. I want more conversations, critiques, and bunch clearing of paths less traveled but aching to be explored. If someone wants an exercise in intellectual history, they should get a different book.

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Busy Summer

A very busy couple of weeks is coming up.

1) Participate in Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) at the Academy of Management. One is about using Facebook in the classroom; the other is about business solutions to poverty. For the second, I want to lead a discussion about how the current interest with microfinance and social entrepreurship leaves out important questions of power and class. Discussing worker control of companies in Argentina, Europe, and the US, I want to broaden the view of this topic to bring class and conflict back in.

2) Present “Brokerage and/or Closure” at AOM. This is a visual paper that is based on a chapter of my dissertation. The paper found that radical ideas were more likely for people in brokerage positions; however, those ideas were harder to see adopted even controlling for position. Also, final network position was most influenced by action- by having ideas- as opposed to structural inertia.

3) Present “Coors and the Dualistic Strategy of Social and Political Engagement” as part of a symposium about Robert Brady’s work on Business as a System of Power. David Jacobs at Morgan State U is organizing this symposium. This is my first foray into Critical management studies.

4) Comment on a paper about Weber as part of “Sociology classics and the future of organization studies.” The paper is by Stewart Clegg and Marc Lounsbury, two scholars whose work I have admired. So this should be a real treat. I mean, people who_want_ to discuss Weber. Joy!

5) Get ready to teach “Six Degrees of Separation”; “The Rise of the Network Society” ; and “Managing organizational Change.”

6) Finalize my PhD Defense for Sept 25th at IESE in Barcelona Spain.

And, of course, develop new research projects. More of that to come.

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Organization Science Winter Conference

Back in February, I went to OSWC XIII.

This is one of my favorite conferences. This was my second time. Two years ago I went and saw Stewart Clegg preside as the “judge” in a mock trial of epistemology and objective knowledge with Bill McKelvey arguing for realism and Ralph Stablein arguing for the reflexive skepticism of a post-modern/constuctionist perspective. I remember it being utterly playful and profound.

The conference focuses on dialog and relationship-building. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner are with participants. The main presentation are poster sessions from 6-9 with lots or hors d’oeuvres and an open bar, and there is lots of skiing and chats on the ski lifts. At my poster session, people stayed until 10 chatting while the bulletin boards were being pulled down.

The focus this year was on technology and innovation. I did a poster about using SIENA to study idea diffusion and idea quality conjointly with endogenous network effects (like reciprocity). I’ll blog more about this one of these days.

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