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Death of a Movement? Not Sure

Krugman wants to paint Cantor’s loss as the death of “movement conservatism.”  The gist of movement conservatism, as he describes and I agree, is the interlocking of political strategy, bait-and-switch of cultural issues for working class with 1% priorities, with supportive media and think tank institutions.  

Part of movement conservatism’s longevity since the Reagan, I think, is the ability of the mainstream Republican party to absorb the cyclic waves of stoked anger and activists into their rhetoric and policies.  

Seems to me movement conservatism was already proclaimed dead several times, like 1998 midterms, Obama’s election, the “crazies” in primaries in 2010 and 2012 that sank some senate races… and probably others.  Maybe Cantor is cardiac arrest.  We’ll see if the corpus can recover.

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June 15, 2014 · 7:18 am


Desktop by jordi sunshine comas
Desktop, a photo by jordi sunshine comas on Flickr.

Trying some new behavior modification…

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IS ADD medicine over-prescribed in adults?

Or kids?

That is the $20,000 question.

This sort-of article in the NY times (maybe a blog post) does not really answer it.

First, if adults are now taking ADD meds, it can be because there is a real population of the needy who were not diagnosed or medicated. Is that over-prescribing?  Well, only if we can find that the people taking it are not fitting the diagnosis of ADD.

That is a valid question, but as the article points out, this report does not really nor can it, really answer that question.  So, instead, we tend to look at the question and answer it based on our own ideas.  If you think ADD is not a real or wide-spread problem, then, yes, it is over-prescribed.  If you think meds are a valid part of treating problematic problems, then this is progress.  If you think that perhaps people exhibit ADD symptoms due to their context, such as more stimulus, too little exercise, too little positive work structure, too many boring jobs, and so on, then we can medicate people to help them conform to context, but we are avoiding a full-spectrum approach.

I tend to be in the latter two camps.  Meds can help.  But it is worth asking if we have the best contexts for learning (kids) or working (bigger kids) for ADD people to be productive and resilient.

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There are other events to go to, but this looks like an interesting film.

Read this and hack!

There are other things, but this film looks really cool tonight at 7 at Campus.

This is  not a Film.  It turns an Iranian filmmaker’s, Jafar Pahani, ban into its own movie.


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Chipotle Outperforms McDonald’s


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March 7, 2013 · 5:04 pm

Here is a post I wrote a year ago about my experience interacting with a paper mill.

business government society 2

As you know, we have been doing short vignettes-“What Would You Do?”-all semester.  A survey sent to BU faulty about “dishonesty among students” got me thinking about the ability to buy papers on the Internet.  I surfed to .  The following transcript is verbatim.  I only changed the name of the customer service rep a I worried she would potentially face some retribution.

Interesting points:

  • The company claims they sell papers to be guides only.  I did not see the disclaimer anywhere.
  • The cost to do my white paper assignment seemed around $425.
  • Maria thought it was sad how many “lazy” students would use the service, but she seemed to suggest it was more acceptable for students also working or with other extenuating circumstances.
  • I posed as a student for awhile.
  • I left spelling errors in for accuracy.

Now online: Please leave your question here and one of our agents will attend to…

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The Schedule Rules- Schedule Reform Ideas for Higher Education (Bucknell)

I have a conflict.  I can’t go.  I have a meeting.  I have to be with my kids.

Read on to take the poll!

These are the various reason why students, staff, and others can not come to various worthy events at Bucknell.  For example, Tuesday nights are the one day without classes at night (lol except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  So the Bucknell Forum, as well as others, use Tuesday as the ideal night for these events.  Guess what?  It is also when students schedule their various clubs and organizations including the powerful Greek orgs.

At the same time, I have ahd students avoid 4-5 or 02-5 commitments because of sports practices or games/events.

Meanwhile, no one likes 8 a.m. classes.

And, most weeks there are 2-3 events which I would like to participate in but can’t because they are in the 7-9 at night window when I am with my family.

The schedule rules.  It is not sexy.  It is not “cool” like smart boards in classrooms, service-learning, or student-led expeditions to tag pythons for an ecology class.  However, I suggest that in terms of making life better AND using current resources better (as in more attendance at more events), the schedule is the most over-looked and also most urgent area of reform.

I have imagined various STRUCTURAL changes to the schedule which might help lessen some of these inherent conflicts.   Continue reading


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Protests, Political Art, Democracy, Social Change

.....Catania: la fiera
Thälmann, die Dienstleistung...luchando"Sexistische Kackscheiße"USMCEstif!"Snoballer" Stencil 2013
(detail)Entarteter Löwe  by Jan Theuninck1000 chômeurs de plusHafencity - Drachen"Man of the day"glorious light
Ubahncheck checkInauguration: Woman, Self-PortraitBerlin 6.02.2013 Hausdurchsuchung Protokoll   IMG_7211Berlin 6.02.2013 Hausdurchsuchung Protokoll   IMG_7210Berlin 6.02.2013 Hausdurchsuchung Protokoll   IMG_7209

Great Gallery

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Carrots to Pull (veggie variation)

There are bigger carrots to pull.  I propose this as an alternative to “bigger fish to fry.”

I was writing to a colleague, who is a committed vegetarian, and wanted to write,

“There are more important fish to fry.”

That didn’t seem right.  So I suggested “there are bigger carrots to pull.”  Same idea.  More palatable to the non-carnivores out there.

Good phrase?

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Fun tidbits from session 3, including an interesting ethics and sports situation with Ivan Fernandez and Abel Mutai.

Read this and hack!

Session 3 snap word: phenomenon

Session 3 snap style: In most contexts, use as the subject of a sentence the actor (one that takes action) that a reader expects.  Hence, I argue in this paper.  We can see in this example.  Deontology requires following duty.  NOT, this paper argues.  It is illustrated in this example.  It is deontology that requires following duty.

Sort of on topic is this re-do of the classic Schoolhouse Rock song, “The Tale of Mr. Morton.”

Quick ethics: Is it fair to win in sports when your opponent makes a mistake not of performance but of understanding the rules?

Ivan Fernandez, an emerging Spanish distance runner, could have beat Abel Mutai in a race.  As they entered the last 100 meters or so, Abel thought they had crossed the finish line when they had not in fact.  He eased up on his stride.  Ivan could…

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