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The Illogic of Being a Homophobe in the Locker Room

I posted on Facebook, but I own these words, Zuckerberg.


ok, so a gay football player comes out. The guys worried about this say something like “yeah, but I’m going to be naked inn front of him, in the locker room.”

Ok. Let’s break this down.

First, sorry to break it to you, but odds are, there was ALWAYS some closeted gays in the locker room. So, if there is any harm to you in them “looking,” it has already happened. See? Don’t you feel better?

Second, if you think that they might, I don’t know, get attracted to you or something, and, following #1 above, it would have ALREADY happened. Have you EVER seen someone in the shower or locker room get an erection ??? No? Ok, so it is not a social space where sexual feelings get expressed.

Three, if you think they might, I don’t know, what, touch you/ Sexually assault you? Well, that is against the law, not conducive to team morale, and, in general, not a smart move for someone who wants to keep playing sports. So, while there are always some depraved heteros and homos, being gay does not mean your (always there but closeted) gay teammate is some uncontrollable sex fiend who is going to cause problems.

Four. Ok, so maybe your (closeted) gay teammate sees you and later fantasizes about you. Maybe. I am just trying to imagine the problem. Ok, well if you can’t see that as a compliment, then at least you can now know what it feels like to be objectified as a sex object like most females do. So, net gain: you can be more empathetic now.

So, in sum, if it causes you harm, it is cause your just hung up knowing she or he is gay. Any other possible concerns are BS.

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Graph your Facebook friends

Bernie Hogan is my new hero.  He has written  a lovely little app that allows you to extract your Facebook network in a format that you can use in GUESS or UCINET.

My Online Network.

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Union activism in Facebook

Mydd.com had this story about union activism in facebook including the successful use of facebook tools to reinstate a banned labor activist (he’d been banned.)

  A few weeks ago I took a look at examples of unions using Facebook, partially inspired by Change to Win’s Smack the CEO Facebook application.  Over the last few days, a mini-revolt of sorts has rolled through the Facebook labor activist community, and I’ve got good news: our side won!

This seems relevant for the article about Organizing in the Network Society.  Usual questions: does the technology or the stance of the hosting company make it easier to organize?Is this a “new” kind of organizing orthe smae kind but with new technology?  who is calling the shots (who has power) in heavily privatized communication media like Facebook?

I need Brian to look at this and see what he thinks.  I need to finish post also!  D-oh!

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