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Banished Words List 2008

End of the year lists are so much fun.  Here is one that suggests we ban over-used and cliched words from  the language.  I may disagree with banning organic.  Some of them just need to be reigned in.  And waterboarding.  If anything, given that the US DOES torture (even when we don’t  =|:-)=  ), we need to talk about this more, not less.
Lake Superior State University :: Banished Words List
ORGANIC – Overused and misused to describe not only food, but computer products or human behavior, and often used when describing something as “natural,” says Crystal Giordano of Brooklyn, New York. Another advertising gimmick to make things sound better than they really are, according to Rick DeVan of Willoughby, Ohio, who said he has heard claims such as “My business is organic,” and computers having “organic software.”

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