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Still a great ad- Bush in 30 seconds

This was the last winner of the Moveon.org participatory ad contest.

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Scholarship 2.0: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I am not an innovator, but maybe a first or late first adopter.   Of course, it varies by network too. At my university, I seem to be clearly an early adopter of many collaborative technologies (blogs, wikis, virtual worlds).  Anyway, this blog came up and seemed to be worth exploring further as my own scholarly work about Web 2.0/living web also takes on living web forms.

Mitchell Waldrop, coincidentally, is also the author of Complexity which is one of my favorite books and indirectly influenced my choices of scholarly interests in grad school and beyond.

This is a stub until I can look at the blog more.

Scholarship 2.0: An Idea Whose Time Has Come: <strong>Science 2.0</strong>
Scholarship 2.0 is devoted to describing and documenting the forms, facets, and features of alternative Web-based scholarly publishing philosophies and practices. The variety of old and new metrics available for assessing the impact, significance, and value of Web-based scholarship is of particular interest.

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Youth Voting in an Interent Caucus

Just in case any of my students read this blog! :<)

I am officially too old!

Tonight in Iowa, Democrats and Republicans will start picking their nominees for President. But this election affects us all—we shouldn’t let Iowans have all the fun.

That’s why we’re helping the League of Young Voters launch their online youth primary today on Facebook. Nationwide, anyone under 35 can log on, vote for their favorite candidate, and see how others at their school or in their city are voting.

You can vote here:


Young people are more engaged in this election than ever before, but the media and the pundits still pay little attention to this critical emerging block of voters. By drawing attention to the voting power of younger people, we can help change all that.

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Really taking advantage of New Media for Democracy

I just found this in the NYT: several experts discussing how new and old media can be used to improve debates.

I haven’t read all, but two stood out (Teachout’s and Rasiej and Sifry’s) .  They centered and participation, inetractivity,a nd asynchrony of new media.  Like, having candidates provide answers of any length on questions.  Having candidates debate each o ther one v one and leave each hour on a site for public to browse as they like.  Having public vote on questions.  Instead of CNN planting questions.

Bev may want to see this.

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