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Death of a Movement? Not Sure

Krugman wants to paint Cantor’s loss as the death of “movement conservatism.”  The gist of movement conservatism, as he describes and I agree, is the interlocking of political strategy, bait-and-switch of cultural issues for working class with 1% priorities, with supportive media and think tank institutions.  

Part of movement conservatism’s longevity since the Reagan, I think, is the ability of the mainstream Republican party to absorb the cyclic waves of stoked anger and activists into their rhetoric and policies.  

Seems to me movement conservatism was already proclaimed dead several times, like 1998 midterms, Obama’s election, the “crazies” in primaries in 2010 and 2012 that sank some senate races… and probably others.  Maybe Cantor is cardiac arrest.  We’ll see if the corpus can recover.

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June 15, 2014 · 7:18 am

Heart-Warming Story of Small Town Voting

Poll watching updates from Lewisburg, PA

LB X- Everyone all smiles and nice. Not asking for IDs.

LB Y- Everyone pleasant. They seemed puzzled by a poll watcher. But I have been there in past elections and know it was same Judge of Elections. I stayed 45 minutes. They asked everyone “Have you got ID.” Did not _demand_ it and no one refused, so was unable to see how they would react.

The advancement project (http://www.advancementproject.org/) had very good flyer on vote

r rights there. I can’t imagine who laid it out EXCEPT the poll workers. maybe League of W Voters. Good for them.

I was so quiet, they forgot I was there and joked a little about voting machines voting for Republicans or something like that. It really was not an issue. It was more like easing the tension I think they feel about the enormity of responsibility of ensuirng clean and fair election.

Heart-warming bit: the five workers (one elected Judge and four volunteers) knew EVERYONE who voted. In a lull, they talked about how X was the “partner” of Y. I assumed it was business partner. But then it was clear that they meant gay partner. And they were talking about how they always came in separately and acted unconnected. But all these small town neighbors knew and didn’t care. Then they talked about another pair of “partners” and how one had been ill years ago and now was better.

This is very middle-class, middle-of-the-road America. The anti-gay folks have lost the culture war. There are just too many nice, normal gay people out there to dispel the paranoia. The normal gays are EVERYWHERE. 🙂

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Headlines turning my world upside down

This is headline at Huffingtonpost.com


What?  Why are Republicans in favor of nationalization?  Is this the path to Fascism?  Do they mean more of the same.. i.e. Socialized risk and privatized benefit?

My head is spinning.  I suppose I should read the article.

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